CBD Oil Emerging As New Treatment Option For Pet Owners

Whats the Issue?

Consider this helpful blog when treating your pets

Read on to see more benefits for your best friends

Man’s best friends deserves the best care.

Pet Owners are now coming to the realization that CBD infused products may help their household pets just as much as it helps their own ailments. 

Dog Owners: Read On
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Cat Owners: Read on

The most important thing we’ve noticed is that for animals to get the desired health benefits they have to be dosed accordingly and appropriately. We also recommend after making a purchase with us that you consult your Vet. 

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CBS Baltimore News:

Holly Wolf Testimony:

Owner Holly Wolf says the medication Bear was taking to prevent seizures had side-effects, potential kidney and liver damage, lethargy, and weight gain.
After consulting with her vet, Wolf switched to cannabinoids, CBD.
“My puppy came back, ” she said. “I foster dogs and he’s playing with the foster dogs, he’s playing with my puppy whereas before he just kind of laid there.”

Dina Boebel Testimony:

Dina Boebel, who is a consultant at Nature’s Care and Wellness in Perryville says it’s helped her sister’s dog.
“My sister used to have to carry her dog up and down the steps,” Boebel said. “I was watching her dog, gave him some CBD, and he was going up and down the steps, jumping on the sofa.”

Why it Matters?

We want to showcase the benefits of CBD Oil in pets and how our products may improve the quality of life our loved ones who are afflicted with any number of health complications. 

  • CBD Oil has been linked to relieving and helping with
    • Seizures in Animals
    • Nausea
    • Stress and Anxiety for Dogs
    • Arthritis 
    • Symptoms of Cancer
    • Gastrointestinal Issues
    • Common symptoms for your pets

Help your pets find the peace and comfort they deserve!

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