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CBD: Could it be an effective treatment for anxiety?

What’s the Issue?

“One of the great things about CBD is that there are very few side effects associated with the drug.”

-Magnetic Magazine

As the stigmas associated with mental illness lessen, and more people come forward with their own trials and tribulations, issues like Depression and Anxiety have begun to reveal their true prominence in the world at large. Depression and Anxiety, in particular, are issues that many people deal with in both large and small ways every day. For some, expensive pharmacy runs and consistent medication are not an option (either due to finances or insurance issues). So we’ve begun the research process for you in your search for an ACTUAL alternative to the more expensive or ineffective treatments on the market today.

CBD Oil? Is it for real?

NutriCanna’s CBD is derived from our hemp plants grown in Baca County, Colorado, USA. We grow using a 100% all natural process, with the highest standards of quality and procurement from start to finish. Our company believes that through constant experimentation, research, and development that we are able provide the most enjoyable and ultra premium hemp products made on the market today.

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Our CBD oil is made by extracting cannabidiol (CBD) from the cannabis plants we grow; cannabidiol is one of the main cannabinoids in cannabis plants. CBD is believed to be helpful in almost all areas of our mental and phsyical health. You can even take CBD as a daily supplement as a preventative measure rather than to treat particular conditions.

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Anxiety Relief?

This excerpt is from the article we sourced.

If you’d like to read it in it’s entirety, click here —> Anxiety and CBD

“Our bodies naturally create cannabinoids that work within our endocannabinoid system to regulate several different processes. Anxiety can occur when the body is not able to produce enough natural cannabinoids.

This affects your internal balance, resulting in the endocannabinoid system not functioning correctly. Taking a regular dose of CBD provides the body with an additional source of cannabinoids, helping it to restore balance.

There are several reasons why an imbalance within the endocannabinoid system can occur. The main factors that affect the body’s ability to produce cannabinoids are diet, stress, and pollution. For some people, altering their diet or making small changes to their daily life is enough to restore balance.

In cases where these small lifestyle changes are not enough to keep your endocannabinoid system working effectively, a low dose of CBD oil a day can make a huge difference. For many people, CBD oil has become just another supplement that they take each morning along with vitamins and minerals.”

Spotlight Magazine

As the article claims, and research backs up, our bodies are complex machines that require an established equilibrium, or balance, to work properly. Restoring this balance could be the difference between those who suffer and those who don’t. We’re not suggesting that Therapy, positive affirmations, healthy diet and exercise, and other treatment methods won’t also help you, but we do recommend trying this all natural approach to treating your anxiety instead of taking some drug with potential side effects more problematic than what you’re taking them for.

Why it Matters?

In our blog spots we want to showcase the benefits of CBD Oil, and provide real examples of our products (and products like ours) positively impacting those who are already using. 

  • CBD Oil has been linked to relieving and helping with
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Acne
    • Heart disease
    • Pain Management
    • Common symptoms for you and your pets

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