About Our Grow

NutriCanna’s CBD is derived from our hemp plants right here in Baca County, Colorado, USA. We grow using a 100% all natural process, with the highest standards of quality and procurement from start to finish.

Our Facilities

Nutricanna’s top-of-the-line hemp facilities use the latest techniques and technology available.

We Occupy:

  • 320 acres of outdoor hemp grow
  • 11k sq. ft of indoor greenhouse
  • 4500 sq. ft of indoor propagation
  • 330k plants in ground with future planting of 3 million plus
  • Colorado and Florida infrastructure
  • Wholesale and retail operations
  • 24/7 365 full facility power backup to ensure a fresh product

Our Current Strain

SUVER HAZE – We happily source our seeds from Oregoncbdseeds.com.

Suver Haze

SUVER HAZE | (Suver #8 x ERB) | (from oregoncbdseeds.com)
*1st Place 2019 Cultivation Classic*

Suver Haze is a very special variety has performed exceptionally well from Oregon to South Carolina due to her unrivaled botrytis resistance. Our first legitimate R&D facility was located along Suver Road, in the former epicenter of Oregon grass seed development. The area has a rich farming and social history and we offer this as our contribution to the legend. This strain continues to impress us with her structure, strength, stank, and cannabinoid content.

  • Excels in moist climates and exhibits strong resistance to botrytis
  • Our highest ever recorded CBD content producer at 25%
  • Exotic sour apple flavor created by farnsene and betacaryophyllene terpene content

Previous Strains

Cherry Remedy

Cherry Remedy is the flagship of our 100% Organic High CBD Hemp Farm. Of the 3 main High CBD Hemp Strains we procure from our own mothers, “Cherry Remedy” is one of our favorites. Extremely high in CBD, at just over 20%, and coupled with an aroma and oil content, that is nearly unmatched, to say it is a game changer for the hemp world, is just scratching the service. The full spectrum oil, distillate and isolate that is manufactured from our 100% organic grown “Cherry Remedy” is medical grade and suitable for only the finest delivery systems. We are very proud of this strain and continue increase her positive characteristics each and every harvest.

Cherry Wine AKA Cherry Cherry

​As with all our hemp we 100% organically grow here in Baca County, Colorado USA; NutriCanna’s Cherry Wine aka Cherry Cherry, is a staple on our farm. We have bred our mothers from the best phenotypes year after year, to produce some of the highest producing CDB the strain has to offer, at 14-16%. The oil content, in addition to upbreeding the CBD through Pheno-hunting, is what we are most proud of. In full flower, good luck sticking your hand in the center of the plant and actually pulling it back out. The resin production on this girl is out of this world and we are not afraid to boast about it! Yielding up to 100 grams of Full spectrum oil per lb of material, our extraction facility cant get enough of our Cherry Wine and neither can our customers!

​Purple Trump

100% organically grown, NutriCanna’s T1 Purple Trump, is some of the most aromatic High CBD Hemp on the market. With a CBD profile of 14-16%,T1 Purple Trump is always a winner in our books. Not only can you smell her from a mile away, but the finishing colors of deep to light purple are always a crowd pleaser. Consumers love T1 Purple Trump for the high-quality smoke it produces from just the flower by itself. As extractors and manufactures, we love it for the amazing Full Spectrum Oil’s, distillates and Isolates we are able to yield from our harvests. We can never grow enough of our T1 Purple Trump!

Contact us at info@nutricanna.com for information on pricing and delivery methods!

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